Interconnected with all areas. And all continents.

Global presence opens markets

We are present in the most important procurement and sales markets of the world. The DACHSER network is the basis for a smooth supply chain of globally operating companies.
Interconnected with all areas. And all continents.

DACHSER offers you a homogenous network of branches, Europe-wide standards for logistics processes and continuous transparency during the shipment process. All branches pursue their goals with the same procedures and organisational rules. The result: increased security and reliability throughout.

On a global basis, more than 26,506 employees move 78 million shipments per year. This is made possible by our professional standard services that are linked with customer-specific solutions and an integrated, IT-supported process control in the individual business divisions.

The DACHSER European Network

The closely interconnected, Europe-wide DACHSER network of branches is our foundation; these branches are linked through daily connections and provide you with quick procurement and distribution deep into the centre of individual regions. The success of our logistics services is determined by the superior infrastructure. An intelligent mix of direct routes, platforms and hubs allows us to serve all of Europe on a daily basis.

With our logistics hubs, the Eurohubs in Ueberherrn, Bratislava and Clermond-Ferrand, we organise all incoming goods according to their common destinations, assuring a timely, consolidated and ecologically optimal onward transport of goods. In doing so, we not only save you time, but also money and energy. In total, our trucks cover a distance of 1,176,000 km per night in service to you so that all shipments reach their destination safe and on time.

Intercontinental connection

Intercontinental connection occurs through the global air and sea freight network of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics. The organically grown network, with 196 locations and strong local partners in all economic centres of the world, provides smooth execution of your procurement and distribution logistics. The new IT application, Othello, links air and sea freight in a continuous transport system with surface transport and warehousing.

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Dachser Locations
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Intercontinental connection

The DACHSER warehouses are a core component of our integral supply chain solutions and are utilised above all in the context of our DACHSER contract logistics.
The DACHSER transit terminals are a key success factor for the quality of logistics services.
To enable us to evaluate our logistics services in detail, we have installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and quality management.
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"Transport Chain" Video

Immerse yourself in the logistic processes of the DACHSER European Logistics network and learn how Supply Chain Management works.