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Bottlenecks and delays at Frankfurt Airport

There continue to be bottlenecks and delays in air freight imports at Frankfurt Airport, particularly with the freight handler Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH (FCS). FCS deals with more than 60 airlines, including major Asian carriers. After the end of strike-related actions in recent weeks, it had been initially assumed that the situation would gradually return to normal.

However, there is still a massive backlog of cargo at FCS, which has been hardly reduced in the face of ongoing high volumes of freight traffic. We are constantly working closely with FCS management and the relevant airlines in order to improve the situation. FCS is striving to process the massive cargo backlog and has engaged additional personnel. It has nonetheless proven difficult to pinpoint shipments within the masses of cargo and to physically reach them within the congested spaces, in order to hand them over to the forwarders. Furthermore, the transfer of cargo is still affected by extremely long waiting times for trucks.

In coordination with our foreign subsidiaries, we continue to work on routing shipments through other European airports in order to balance the cargo volumes at FCS in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, this too can result in unavoidable delays for your shipments. We have also instructed our dispatching stations to specially mark DHL shipments in order to expedite the pinpointing at FCS and the transferral to DHL Global Forwarding. But unfortunately, this expedient has no effect on the shipments that are already inside the cargo backlog at FCS.

It is to be expected that this exceptional situation will last well into the new year. Of course, we will continue working with all involved parties on additional potential solutions in order to deliver your cargo as quickly as possible.

We hope for your understanding in this exceptional situation. If you have any further questions, your local customer service representative would be glad to assist you.

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