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Consistency for air and sea freight

DACHSER integrates air and sea freight shipments with a globally standardized system that is homogeneously linked to DACHSER’s overland and warehousing activities.
DACHSER integrates air and sea freight shipments with a globally standardized system.

Throughout the entire transportation process, shipments can be tracked with an unique indentification number. The new IT system for air and ocean freight has been already rolled-out in 18 countries (Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, Netherlands, Denmark, Korea, USA, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Mexico). Over the next few years, the system will be implemented in all DACHSER locations around the world.

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Intelligent IT for logistics processes

Our networked, flexible and highly efficient IT systems set the pace for logistics quality in the global competition.


With more than 26,506 employees and 428 locations at home and abroad, we are one of Europe's largest logistics service providers. Our growth in the global logistics market place has been made possible through our prompt reaction to market changes, a uniform business strategy and, in particular, the dedication and experience of our employees.
Interview with the DACHSER IT safety advisor Christian von Rützen.

Contract Logistics

DACHSER Contract Logistics. Get a good picture of how a global shipping network, warehousing, consulting and value-added services can be intelligently combined.