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In an ongoing research project, DACHSER is exploring new ways of city distribution for Europe’s metropolises. But there’s already one clear winner: DACHSER’s modular toolbox for handling the last mile in city centers.
Proper and accurate weighing and measuring of consignments plays an important role. Wrong data and size of the consignment may cause delays and extra costs for customers. Here is how you measure the consignments correctly and why it is worth to follow the guidelines.
DACHSER Slovakia has been going on for the fifth year in its project The Bridge between Light and Darkness, helping visually impaired children join and adapt to normal life. This time, the project supported the trip of blind and partially sighted children to the Roman town of Petronell-Carnuntum in Austria.
DACHSER Slovakia integrates shipment data from air and sea consignments into its IT systems thanks to globally standardized OTHELLO system; seamless information flow connecting air and sea, road transport and and warehouse activities of the company.

Market Information

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) downgraded Irma to a tropical depression Monday night. Irma hit Florida as a category 4 hurricane in the Florida Keys before making its way up West and Central Florida and then continuing into Georgia and Alabama.
Hurricane Irma hit Florida as a category 4 hurricane in the Florida Keys before making its way up the West Coast and Central Florida. A state of emergency is still in effect for six East Coast states - Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Virginia.
Due to the consistently strong air freight market and expected strong business in the fall, early capacity bottlenecks are predicted for 2017.
Continuous rainfall caused severe floods in the Indian state Gujarat. The government authorities called in the Army and the Air Force for help. The floodings created disruptions in rail and road transport as well as air and sea freight which will lead to delays in delivery.


No industry is developing is rapidly as a logistics; almost no other economic sector is said to have such a huge potential for growth. Continued globalization will require more and more specialized solutions in order to manage the global flow of goods in a reliable, timely and cost-efficient manner.


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