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As a family-managed large business and globally operating logistics service provider, DACHSER has a responsibility toward society and its standards.
Transparent regulations for the company, its entities and employees.

Aside from its own moral commitments and values, ongoing monitoring is an additional reason for DACHSER to conduct all business and services in an ethical and legally flawless manner. To avoid any conflict of interests, all DACHSER employees, without exception, abide by the applicable laws in all the markets served by us, as well as our internal regulations.

They also observe the customs, traditions and societal values of the diverse countries. Our compliance management includes a DACHSER code of conduct as well as the DACHSER behavior policy guidelines that provide direct guidance to more than 27,450 employees worldwide.

Statement from the Board of DACHSER Group SE & Co. KG on Compliance with / observance of the competition and anti-trust laws (2016)

"The DACHSER Compliance Management System safeguards our values and preserves our integrity. Our company is a leading logistics company offering a range of logistics services worldwide.

For DACHSER, corporate culture is a key success factor in international competition. Our corporate philosophy, always shaped by clear ethical values, is the basis of our success. In particular, you - the employees - implement DACHSER's values on the market every day as part of this global company and represent the "DACHSER" brand to the outside world in a responsible manner.
The DACHSER shareholders, the Supervisory Board and the management undertake to uphold the clear commitment of this family-owned enterprise to promote a corporate culture that implements and represents the company values and the "DACHSER Code of Conduct" both internally and externally.

All our employees must be aware that, when they come to work at DACHSER, they are bound by the constraints of this pledge of integrity and are obliged to act accordingly.
A cornerstone of our Compliance Management System is unconditional compliance with the rules of competition and anti-trust laws. DACHSER is committed to the principle of free and fair competition and respects market forces. It is unconditional DACHSER company policy to conduct all business in accordance with the applicable competition and anti-trust laws. Any arrangements, agreements or accords with the competition and any anti-competitive exchange of data or information is strictly prohibited and represents an intolerable breach of business conduct for DACHSER. Any violations of this observance shall lead to disciplinary action with respect to the competition and anti-trust laws and labor legislation."

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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies worldwide to all employees and organisational units at DACHSER. It describes binding principles of conduct which are to be upheld by everyone. This will help to secure the long-term success of our company.

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Compliance Guideline.pdf
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.pdf