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Roadblocks in Mexico

At the end of 2016, the government of Mexico announced an increase of fuel for 2017. Since then, several protests caused by gasoline shortages and a rise in prices also affected the logistics sector.
Roadblocks in Mexico are affecting the logistics sector.

As a result of the increase of 20 percent in the price of fuel—known in Mexico as “gasolinazo”—different areas of the country are suffering closures of roads and ports due to protests.

The situation affects transit times and shipping costs for import and export cargo, generating delays for deliveries and pick-ups.

Unfortunately, it is not currently known when the protests will be over and operations will return back to normal. Some customs agencies are working 24/7 in order to avoid storage charges at ports or delays to get cargo into the ports.

DACHSER USA is continuously monitoring the situation. Please contact your local DACHSER customer representative at any time to obtain more information.

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