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Market volatility and logistics

Addressing the volatility of the logistics market is probably the biggest challenge facing international service providers, according to DACHSER CEO, Bernhard Simon.
Bernhard Simon
Market volatility and logistics

Speaking to FTW, Simon said the global economic turmoil continued to play havoc with rates while volatile markets were the order of the day. “As logistics companies, we have to cope with the decline in economic growth across the world and adapt systems to deal with this,” he said. “Where in the past, growth averages of 10% were seen, the big markets are only expecting around 5 or 6% in the next few years. As an industry we have to learn what this means and deal with the fluctuation that it causes in the logistics industry.”

He said political instability the world over remained a cause for concern for business that had to adapt to changing and volatile markets on a daily basis. “These are not easy times to operate a business in, but that does not mean it cannot be done.” Simon said having a robust balance sheet, as well as skilled people on the ground that were trustworthy and reliable would become essential in the next few years. “Investing in one’s workforce is absolutely key as we move forward in these uncertain times,” Simon told FTW.

He said business at large would also in the future be required to play a more integral role in light of increasing frustration with global leaders. “Company leaders will be required to step up and create the opportunities that people crave as the political instability we are seeing across the world is not delivering the solutions or answers. Business is in the market place and has the opportunity to really play a leading role, developing employment opportunities and shaping the future.”

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