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Specialised logistics for mining

Despite low commodity prices, mining remains an important sector for global logistics service provider DACHSER. According to Detlev Duve, Managing Director of DACHSER South Africa, the company has been involved in several large scale projects across the continent delivering unique solutions.
Specialised logistics for mining

Having recently partnered with a project engineering company that provides transformers to the mining sector, he said, a collaborative approach was of increasing importance in the challenging and ever-changing African environment. “We are responsible for the logistics process of transporting 105 transformers of three different weights ranging from 1400kg per piece to 8000kg per piece from the origin in Germany to a final destination at a Zambian coal mine,” he said.

Using a combination of modes the team are in the process of delivering the first 12 transporters while another 29 are currently being prepared for transportation.“Planning in Africa is crucial as one has to take consideration of every aspect, making sure one understands the variety of factors that can impact the project,” said Duve.

Bernhard Simon, DACHSER CEO, said the fundamentals however remained very simple. “Clients need cargo moved competently and that is what we are known for.” He said having one brand cover the world – meaning the customer was working with one company, streamlined processes and integrated systems from Germany right through to Zambia, which significantly helped the process. “This means a seamless movement of their cargo,” said Simon.

At the same time, having grown its footprint in South Africa and Africa, the company has managed to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to service the complex African mining environment, said Duve. “Mining operations in Africa are characterised by the need to transport to remote locations with little infrastructure available and within strict timelines. It is a high risk environment that requires specialised logistics solutions that are not too costly.”

Duve said the company continued to invest in developing its skills set to service the mining sector. Named ‘Freight and Logistics Company of the Year’ recently at the 9th Transport Africa Awards, Duve said DACHSER’s approach was about creating maximum profitability for clients through the delivery of its full spectrum logistics services.
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