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As a family business, DACHSER is committed to a long-term, and therefore, sustainable company policies. Our focus is on economic, social and environmental goals which we pursue with a high level of commitment and sense of responsibility. They are deeply anchored in our corporate values and ensure direction, identification and stability.
As a family business, DACHSER is committed to a long-term, and therefore sustainable, corporate policy.

We achieve our economic goals - and along with them the basis for all other activities - through the strategic alignment with continuous and integrative growth. In addition to active health management for our more than 29,098 employees, our social engagement also includes targeted selected assistance projects beyond our company walls. Furthermore, active environmental protection is a matter of fact for us as part of our initiative for environmental sustainability.

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CO2 standards

DIN Commission for CO2 Standards (DIN EN 16258:2011)
The DIN commission deals with the development of a European standard for the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and the energy consumption of transportation services. Comparable, transparent and standardized CO2 reporting is developed with the help of this standard.

As a member of the German task force for the CO2 standard, DACHSER participates actively in the design of a Europe-wide standard for the measurement of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for transport services. Through participation in the creation of the standard, we acquire important know-how regarding environmental resource management and also apply our long-term experience.


European Business School
With an endowment professorship for Sustainable Logistics & Supply Chain Management at the European Business School, DACHSER invests in sustainability research with logistics emphasis.