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“We combine global presence with agility”

Jochen Müller has served as COO Air & Sea Logistics for DACHSER’s business field air and sea since the beginning of the year. A conversation about strategic decisions for the future.
Jochen Müller
Jochen Müller, COO Air & Sea Logistics DACHSER

Mr. Müller, what’s the state of air and sea freight at DACHSER?

We are present in every major economic center of the world and have steadily grown over the last ten years. The numbers speak for themselves: in 2017, we increased revenue in Air & Sea Logistics by 15.7 percent over the previous year to EUR 1.785 billion.

We combine global presence with agility: At DACHSER, our position in the global market is sufficient to meet the new requirements of the international markets. At the same time, our size and structure give us the needed agility to react quickly to changes and disruptions.

How has the market environment changed in the air and sea freight and how is DACHSER responding?

In the past, European logistics companies and their customers were focused mostly on classic markets like the main legs between Asia and Europe. That focus is now much wider. This is partly due to the fact that customers operate much more globally than before. Nowadays, for instance, a lot of small and medium-sized companies operate in the global markets. At DACHSER, we have closely supported these developments. Another reason is that we have our own entirely new growth opportunities as a result of globalization. We are now operating in regions that used to play less of a role for us, like Southeast Asia or the Indian subcontinent, and are growing our business there as well. In line with our growth strategy in the Americas, we are also pro- viding more services for customers in exports to Europe and Asia. We also have our sights set on the transpacific business, which used to be firmly in the hands of American and Asian service providers.

What does that mean for the organization of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics?

We have re-positioned our organization: first, with a two-stage distribution system and clear responsibilities in each region; and second, in our operations division. An important milestone here is that our uniform transport management system, Othello, will be fully rolled out by the end of next year. With this foundation in place, we can continue to optimize all our logistics processes in the network, provide support with an effective IT system, and in this way provide a completely new level of quality along with optimal efficiency and professional service in all transactions.

Air and sea freight along with “traditional” groupage logistics travelling by land: How does that fit together?

At DACHSER, the solution to this is Interlocking, which refers to the close linking of Air & Sea and European Logistics. For instance, we can offer complete multimodal solutions to existing customers in overland transport and contract logistics. With DACHSER’s in-house transport management and warehouse systems becoming more and more closely intertwined, all services for our customers are interconnect- ed. In other words, everything that we offer existing customers in Germany, Belgium, or Slovakia we will also be able to offer in China. And speaking of “traditional” groupage: our LCL services in sea freight are extending our European groupage network to all the continents of the world.

Where are air and sea freight headed?

Globalization makes it seem as though the world is spinning faster and faster. Logistics has to go wherever the demand is. At the same time, innovative logistics is both a basic requirement and a driver of new production concepts and new production lines. That’s why I’m optimistic about DACHSER´s future.

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