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Our web-based tools connect you directly with DACHSER's transport and warehouse systems.
Our web-based tools connect you directly with DACHSER's transport and warehouse systems.

Connections to company-owned ERP systems can be created easily and quickly in order to manage all interactive processes between you and us, as a service provider, via the web. Calculate freight costs online, submit a transport order with a simple click, and then track your shipment via Tracking & Tracing throughout all of Europe and the world.

SHIPMENTPOINTER: Makes shipment data immediately available.

shipmentpointer is the proven shipment information system for fast and simple access to the status of your shipment – with no need to register. Whether you use SSCC, order number, packing list number, purchase order number, or consignment number - you will always find the consignment you are looking for. Furthermore, the new shipmentpointer is available as app for Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry OS. Both, the app and the internet application are available in 15 languages.

SHIPMENTCONTROL: An eye on your shipments at all times

With shipmentcontrol, you can track your shipments seamlessly online at the lowest package level. Delivery information and the electronic proof of delivery are transmitted instantly via GPRS from the driver’s handheld computer to the central system. You then receive information in minutes including details such as consignee name, signature and time of delivery, as well as any possible deviations to the delivery schedule.

In addition, you can access DACHSER'S digital archive system in which, among others, shipment-related photo documentations are stored. shipmentcontrol offers a worldwide intermodal Tracking & Tracing not only for distribution logistics (shipmentcontrol send) but also for procurement logistics (shipmentcontrol collect). You can switch between views with a simple click and track shipments for which you are the consignee, as well as your collection orders.

TRANSPORTORDER: Clicked - sent

transportorder offers you a system you can use to control your entire order management via the web. You can adapt transportorder to meet your individual customer needs perfectly. This allows you to save time with pre-allocations and hiding or un-hiding of import functions of the customer-owned systems. Even customer-specific features such as dangerous goods information are seamlessly supported thanks to full integration with DOMINO.

FREIGHTQUOTATION: Keeping an eye on freight costs

This application enables you to determine freight prices included in your customer-specific price agreements with DACHSER. freightquotation is the best possible way to obtain quick price information without time-consuming internal and external inquiries.

DELIVERYORDER: Ready in the warehouse, set, go!

With deliveryorder, you have the possibility to make your goods stored in our MIKADO warehouse available for delivery. You can also adjust this application to meet your specific needs by setting the appropriate parameters together with us and activating or deactivating individual functions.

WAREHOUSECONTROL: The window into the warehouse

With warehousecontrol you can track the process flow at the distribution centers down to the last detail – from receipt of the goods, over the stock, up to the exit of the goods. In order to get an overview of the entire transport process until delivery of the goods, the application offers a direct link to shipmentcontrol. With the help of batch tracking you see all movement of your goods.

PRODUCTPILOT: For optimum product selection

productpilot makes it easy to select the right product. You can determine transit times throughout Europe with this application. Simply enter the country code and postal code and you can instantly see which products from the entargo and vivengo product world are right for your specific situation.

ORDERMONITOR: All your orders under your control

ordermonitor offers comprehensive monitoring of orders you have placed with suppliers anywhere in the world. All critical information is clearly structured and made available to everyone involved in an organized manner on a central platform. Sophisticated search functions, active notifications, document upload and much more make ordermonitor an indispensable tool for monitoring the supply chain. And the best part is this: The application can be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of each individual project.

INVOICECENTER: Invoice management online

With the summarized invoice you receive only a single page by mail containing all the totals from a specific accounting period, as well as the data needed for pre-tax deduction. All other shipment-specific data details are available online via our invoicecenter, where data is available in the form of PDF files, Excel tables and CSV files. Alternatively, this data can also be transmitted via our EDI center.

PALLETPOOLACCOUNT: The digital pallet account

Packaging materials subject to tracking, such as europallets, Düsseldorf pallets and grid boxes are administered in the palletpoolaccount. Upon transfer of packaging materials to DACHSER, these are credited to your palletpoolaccount – and debited accordingly on return. Palletpoolaccount offers you the possibility to download your account data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet at any time. This way you can keep an eye on everything and keep everything under your control.

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