Looking at the big picture.

A huge movie theater

Visitors to the CineStar Event Cinema at the Potsdamer Platz have been able to enjoy Berlin's largest 3D movie screen for quite some time. DACHSER organized the transport of the movie screen, which is more than 3,229 ft² in size and weighs almost 1,500 lbs, from the USA all the way to delivery service by crane.
The CineStar Berlin was only one of 60 movie theaters in which DACHSER delivered 3D movie screens.

The CineStar Berlin was only one of 60 movie theaters in which DACHSER delivered 3D movie screens. The CineStar-Group has gradually equipped all its movie theaters throughout Germany with 3D movie screens. This has made DACHSER an expert in movie screen logistics.

But back to Berlin: After its arrival in the national capital of Berlin, the approximate 42 ft long wooden box weighing about 1,500 lbs was moved by crane through a small opening 12.5 m in height at the front of the movie theater; this opening was created specifically for this purpose and subsequently closed again. Precision work and elaborate undertaking all at once: the entire driveway to the movie theater had to be covered with weight-distributing panels so that the crane was able to drive onto the outside grounds with a basement below.

Virginia - Atlanta - Frankfurt - Berlin

Prior to this, the 3D movie screen had to be transported 5,000 miles by air. From pickup in the U.S. state of Virginia to loading in Atlanta and arriving at the Frankfurt airport, the movie screen was on the move as a special transport for six days. After interim storage in Frankfurt, the journey continued to Berlin via a temperature controlled truck maintained at 25°, since the rolled-up movie screen still had to be stretched after arrival at the theater.

Since the middle of May 2011, people have been able to marvel at Berlin's largest movie screen in the CineStar at the Potsdamer Platz. Actor and director Til Schweiger opened the event cinema, which the star himself described as a "luxury version."

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