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During the last weeks, all eyes were on Russia. Reason enough to take a closer look on DACHSER’s engagement in the world’s largest country. We ask Anton Maryukhta, Managing Director DACHSER OOO, about the development of the Russian Logistics market and his plans for the future.
For more than 400 years the Basilius Cathedral impresses both locals and visitors of the Russian capital with its nine domes.

Mr. Maryukhta, how would you describe the current economic situation in Russia in general and in terms of logistics?

The Russian economy is not growing too well, last year the GDP grew for 1.5 per cent and the forecast for 2018 is more or less the same. On the other hand the oil prices went up and also the low fluctuation of the exchange rate of the Russian Rubel to US Dollar is positive for us. The import sector is developing slowly but steadily, with machinery and technology still being top of the list. Thanks to the exchange-rates the export grows rapidly, too. The Logistics market is also growing, for example in the segment FCL (Full Container Load) exports. Domestic and international deliveries are stable as well as warehousing.

What will be the most challenging tasks for the logistics industry in Russia in the upcoming years?

Efficiency in all aspects - staff, processes, software etc. Due to the increasing level of know-how of local competitors and the high price pressure in the market every company needs to focus on efficiency in order to accomplish their goals. Furthermore companies have to invest in digitalization in order to stay competitive. The conditions therefore are really good in Russia, as the government planned to invest around EUR 1.4 billion per year into the introduction of digital technologies by 2024.

Russia is the largest country in the world by area – can you tell us more about how to span the long distances?

Russia has more than 86,000 kilometres of railway and a road network with a length of around 1,4 million kilometres, as well as countless airports and seaports. In Moscow alone there are five railway stations, ten motorways, one large and five smaller airports. Moscow is the main transportation hub and links the capital with the whole country and the whole world. This is also where DACHSER Russia’s headquarter is located, with more than 100 employees.

DACHSER in Russia

What services does DACHSER offer in Russia?

Russia is the natural link between Europe and Asia. We are situated in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Nizhnyj Novgorod, Novorssiysk and St. Petersburg, where Russia’s largest seaport is located. This setup enables us to build a bridge between European countries and markets in China, South-East Asia and India.

For our clients we offer the full range of logistics services, such as FTL/LTL (Full Truck Load /Less Than Full Truck Load), sea- and airfreight as well as warehousing and customs clearance. We are an one-stop-shop for our clients and we definitely see this as our USP.

We have steadily grown over the past years and with our new warehouse in Moscow, opened in 2017, we have enough space for further expansion.

What are your goals for the next years?

Our goal is to strengthen our image as a high quality logistics service provider in the Russian market. DACHSER’s dense network, it’s integrated IT-systems and its local expertise are our success factors – today and in the future.

Thank you for the interview.

Anton Maryuktha
Anton Maryukhta

About Anton Maryukhta, Managing Director DACHSER OOO

Anton Maryukhta (49) has a great experience in Logistics. He joined DACHSER in 2008 when the joint venture DACHSER OOO emerged from the Russian forwarding company Intellect-Logistic, which was founded by Anton Maryukhta in 2003. Before establishing the company he gained experience, e.g. working for the international forwarder M&M Militzer & Münch as Branch Manager, as Logistics Manager in the Russian subsidiary of McDonalds and as Business Development Manager at the Russian subsidiary Revival-Express belonging to Interspe Hamann group. Since 2008, Mr Maryukhta is Managing Director at DACHSER OOO, and has made contributions to the successful integration of the Russian organization into the DACHSER family.

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