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DACHSER Mouscron innovates fleet

DACHSER Mouscron replaces 11 Euro 5 trucks by vehicles with European emission standard Euro 6, the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly standard. At the end of last year the Mouscron crossdock has been enlarged by 2,150 m2 and in February the logistics service provider received the 2016 Truck ICT Award.
DACHSER Mouscron innovates fleet

Over the next few months DACHSER Mouscron gradually deploys the 11 new Euro 6 trucks. “Our trucks are used day and night. We have daily shipments to 43 destinations in Europe and weekly direct lines to Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Russia. Our vehicles, and those of our subcontractors, must adhere to the highest quality standards”, says Philippe Denys, General Manager of DACHSER Mouscron.

“The efficient usage of vehicles and means is part of our DNA”, says Aat van der Meer, Managing Director of DACHSER Benelux. “In this perspective our trucks are always optimally loaded. We achieve this among others by the smart groupage of our shipments through our European network of corssdocks, the usage of double loading floors and our efficient and uniform IT systems.”

In March DACHSER was granted the 2016 Truck ICT Award for its innovative IT policy. “A recognition of which we are very proud”, says Denys. “Innovative IT has always been a competitive advantage of DACHSER. After the extension of the crossdock, the innovation of the fleet in Mouscron is a next step in our corporate strategy.”

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