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DACHSER wins 3th prize ´Logistics Employer of the year´

 DACHSER Belgium N.V./S.A. has won the third prize in the ´Logistics Employer of the Year´ category during the presentation of the Transport & Logistics Awards. The ´Logistics Employer of the Year´ award rewards a project for the management of Human Resources within a logistics company or the logistics department of an industrial or commercial company.
Transport & Logistics Awards 2019

At DACHSER we see ourselves primarily as a traditional family business that gains strength from the trust and the constructive cooperation between employees. People are at the center of our attention. That is why our corporate culture is characterized by mutual appreciation and collaboration based on partnership. This also means respect to and tolerance towards others. Commitment, open-mindedness, teamwork and honesty are typical for the company culture of DACHSER. We are very proud of our employees all over the world who pursue this ´DACHSER SPIRIT´ full of passion and persuasion and also propagate this to the outside.

A pleasant working environment and good working conditions are of paramount importance and these have been increasingly developed the last few years. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged, for example by offering fruit and organizing sports events. DACHSER Belgium is also very active in the field of educating and guiding young employees. We offer a range of internship and apprenticeship opportunities at every level and in almost every department, in collaboration with various schools and agencies. In addition, DACHSER Belgium is the first logistics service provider in Belgium to start dual learning in 2018. Partly for this reason, DACHSER was nominated for the ´Logistics Employer of the Year´ award.

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