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Dachser Freiburg starts deliveries with electrically supported cargo bikes

Logistics service provider Dachser has implemented e-cargo bikes for distribution in the city center of Freiburg (Germany).The delivery method is a sustainable electronic transport solution that optimizes city distribution. Stuttgart and Tubingen have been supplying the inner city with e-cargo bikes for several months.
Dachser 's electrically supported cargo bikes

As of September 1, 2018, an electrically supported cargo bike in Dachser ‘s typical blue and yellow livery has been making its way around Freiburg city center. The rear container is two meters high, allowing for a load of up to 250 kilograms. The Pedelec can go on all paths where bicycles are permitted, plus certain pedestrian zones where they are allowed throughout the day.

Every morning at what is known as the micro hub, a warehouse near the city center, trucks from Dachser ’s Freiburg branch supply the shipments for the day. These are then delivered, bit by bit, using the Pedelec. “The rollout was successful and we’ve received positive feedback from our customers. Over the next six months, we want to keep increasing the number of shipments. Long term, we want to add a second Pedelec,” says a satisfied Michael Gaudlitz, General Manager Dachser Freiburg. At the same time, he remains realistic: “Even for the city center, we know we’d never be able to load every shipment onto the bike, but in a supporting role and in combination with a balanced vehicle mix, it’s a great and in particular an eco-friendly alternative.”

Delivering to city centers is becoming more and more of a challenge for logistics providers. This is due especially to a steep rise in the volume of traffic as well as new environmental regulations that are causing vehicle bans in a rising number of cities. “Anyone looking to shape the city deliveries of tomorrow must couple tried and true logistics systems with new ideas,” explains Stefan Hohm, Corporate Director Corporate Solutions, Research & Development at Dachser. Hohm is responsible for the City Distribution project, part of which is to come up with solutions for sustainable and innovative delivery to traffic-plagued city centers. “We’re not about isolated solutions, but rather the long-term improvement of the conditions at the very core of European city centers,” Hohm continues.

Since the requirements vary widely by country, region, and city, DACHSER developed a toolbox of solutions. Each DACHSER branch can help itself to the contents of the toolbox to flesh out tailored solutions for the requirements of its delivery area. Other parts of the process include proven concepts, measures for analyzing each city center, and achieving the right vehicle mix: electrically supported cargo bikes, which in addition to Freiburg are also on the road in Stuttgart, Tübingen, and soon in Cologne, as well as the fully electric Fuso eCanter trucks that DACHSER has had in Berlin and Stuttgart since December 2017.

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