Deciding together about how things ought to be.

The art of integrating all worlds

The crucial requirement for the long-term success of a company is the reliable, daily service for its customers. With DACHSER Contract Logistics, we are meeting this challenge.
Consistent, market- and customer-focused coordination of all logistics functions.

Our customized fulfillment logistics allow you the complete outsourcing of your product management. It is our goal as a logistics service provider to combine all related logistics functions along the supply chain of our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For this reason, DACHSER Contract Logistics includes all logistics services such as transport/freight forwarding, transshipment and storage, as well as targeted IT support, quality assurance, consulting and project planning right up to our numerous industry-specific value-added services.

You tell us what you need - our experts create a customized, powerful and efficient outsourcing solution for the specific requirements of your supply chain logistics. Systematic market- and customer-oriented coordination of all logistics functions reduces the procurement and delivery times and thereby the inventory and expenses of our customers. This is how DACHSER Contract Logistics creates a classic win-win situation: You are able to concentrate on your core business: developing new markets and revenue potentials. We manage the corresponding logistics processes in the background.

Standards are our strength. Customization is our specialty.

The close connection of a transport and warehouse network is our trademark. Contract logistics with network affinity are the success factor for trusting and long-term relationships and, through standardized processes, enable us to serve you with the same high level of quality anywhere. The benefits of network-based warehousing:

  • Centralized development and support of systems
  • A large scope of standards
  • Globally available functions
  • Homogenous reliability of operations
  • Nationwide availability and exchange of experience and resources
  • High quality through central monitoring/management

DACHSER Contract Logistics offers

Extensive consultation services

DACHSER Contract Logistics will develop customized logistics and warehouse solutions for you. Our logistics experts with in-depth knowledge of products, industries and markets will design a sustainable model and put it into operation in a time-optimized manner.

Development of customized solutions

Every company has its own way of functioning with its own distinct products, markets, business processes and logistics structures. We make it our job to link individual services from our service portfolio in a meaningful way by keeping your goals and responsibilities in mind. Dovetailing and integration comprise the areas of transport, warehousing and value-added services. Our DACHSER IT world initiates and manages all services - and thus becomes a virtual image of all physical logistics processes at every phase of the supply chain.

Professional product management

DACHSER Contract Logistics allows you to maximize the high savings and optimization potentials in your product management. We believe that the management of goods in our 171 branches with warehouses in Europe is the heart and driving force of the entire process chain. Aside from the optimum choice of location, it is predominantly based on our warehouse management system, MIKADO.


Through the flexible, across-customer consolidation of goods in our multi-user warehouses we can maximize our capacities very effectively. The result: a positive cost efficiency for your company.


If you would like to or are obliged to operate your own warehouse due to your size or industry-specific distinctions, we offer dedicated warehouses.

Industry-specific warehouse solutions

A full range of warehousing procedures is offered in our warehouses: from simple block storage to a fully automated high rack warehouse. At the same time, we are knowledgeable about all warehousing procedures and technologies, including*:

  • Best-before-date administration
  • All picking techniques, as well as storage and taking out of storage, such as FIFO/LIFO/FEFO/LEFO
  • Tracking of serial and batch numbers
  • Temperature controlled/non-temperature controlled processes
  • Proper hygienic handling of food
  • Dangerous goods storage and expertise

* (This service is not offered in all countries.)

Cross-industry value-added services

In addition to process-oriented value-added services (e. g. finishing, display assembly or sleeving), we offer numerous product-oriented value-added services (e. g. packing and repacking, quality control or repairs).

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Contract Logistics

DACHSER Contract Logistics. Get a good picture of how a global shipping network, warehousing, consulting and value-added services can be intelligently combined.


DACHSER has invested heavily in contract logistics over the past few years, spending EUR 48 million on expanding its transport network and warehouse space. Vincent Hahn, Head of Sales and Contract Logistics European Logistics at DACHSER France, talks about what makes contract logistics special.
DACHSER at LogiMAT 2018, Hall 6, Booth D20.
As head of the contract logistics branch office at DACHSER Reims in France, Delphine Lenfant is responsible for almost 13 million bottles of champagne and other spirits. Her job requires a very sophisticated feel for the product. After all, strict quality standards apply not only to grape growing and production, but to warehousing the noble sparkling wine as well. The 18,000-square-meter warehouse located in the heart of Champagne, Northern France’s wine-growing region, ensures that customers worldwide can enjoy this French luxury product.
How can warehousing, transport, value-added services, logistics consulting, and IT systems be combined so that the whole produces more than the sum of its parts? DACHSER contract logistics managers will answer this question and more at the company’s CeMAT trade show booth C25 (C29/1) in Hall 27.

Case Study

At DACHSER Feldkirchen there are rows and rows of large, dark yellow cardboard boxes stacked neatly on top of each other, waiting to be inspected and repackaged. They have just arrived by truck, but this was only the last and shortest leg of their long journey. This global automotive supply chain actually starts in the East Indian mega city of Chennai.
DACHSER has been the logistics partner for cheese producer Käserei Champignon based in Heising in the Allgäu region of Germany for almost 60 years. That's a long time in a sensitive business. After all, the storage and transport of soft cheese create major challenges for a logistics services provider. When it comes to temperature, pallets, securing the load, and packaging, everything has to be just right.
Transport, warehousing, value-added services – and all this from one central location: DACHSER has developed a new logistics strategy for the multinational enterprise GCE, putting it into practice and refining it step by step. Today GCE’s global flows in goods meet in the Czech Republic, where DACHSER organizes distribution of road, air and sea freight for the customers of 14 GCE branches.