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Current circumstances at Calais

Due to the ongoing difficulties in and around Calais, we wish to provide you with a brief update.
Current circumstances at Calais

Truck drivers intending to cross the English Channel in recent months have had to cope with long waits due to stricter security checks. These circumstances are likely to continue in the coming months. Beyond these long waiting times, we at Dachser are facing further related difficulties. To mitigate these circumstances, we have introduced a Channel Crossing Fee.

This fee has been made necessary by the added costs associated with the longer waiting times and delivery times by truck, route changes via ferry, as well as higher contractor-related costs , as fewer and fewer contractors are willing to perform delivery routes to the UK and Ireland due to the current circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding the Channel Crossing Fee, please contact your Dachser branch office, which will gladly assist you.

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