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European Food Network

We establish a direct link to your customers – safely and surely. The European Food Network – a cooperative partnership between renowned European providers of food logistics – has been established to assure a self-contained, seamlessly functioning logistics network.
The European Food Network

Its partner companies offer you a flexible, customer-oriented range of food logistics services that transcend the national boundaries of over 34 countries. In addition to various shipping services with defined transit times, you also benefit from the vivengo product portfolio’s accompanying range of information services.

The European Food Network is a European freight groupage network that achieves consistently high performance levels by applying uniform, transnational standards. It combines the innovative capacity of DACHSER with the competence and professionalism of thirteen established logistics specialists also connected to the network – all family-owned companies, each with a high presence in their respective markets. These partners of the European Food Network reach and service every core country of Europe, and specialize in shipping both refrigerated and unrefrigerated food consignments on behalf of manufacturers, retailers and the food service industry.

Their collaboration is governed by a common framework of rules, whose uniform standards with respect to process, IT and hygiene ensure reliability and continuity.

With our new vivengo product portfolio, we at DACHSER will now be providing our customers with standardized, yet flexible and transparent food logistics services of the highest quality.

The Product Pilot is a particularly innovative service tool for our customers. Once all essential data have been entered (i.e. country code, field of business and postal code), the web-based software tool determines the available lines of logistics products for the requested route, along with corresponding transit times. DACHSER completes its full-service commitment with further user-oriented information services, such as detailed status reports for each shipment and proof of delivery documents that are stored in a digital archive.

Your benefits at a glance

Everyday shipping traffic:

Every member of the European Food Network operates day and night. DACHSER has thus established a seamless integration of logistics services across all European economies, thereby ensuring optimal delivery times.

Consolidated expertise:

Every partner of the European Food Network is a family-owned company with proven food-logistics expertise.

Common standards:

Uniform standards in processing orders as well as compulsory quality-management measures ensure that the consistently high quality of our logistics services transcends both corporate and national boundaries.

Transparent flow of goods / seamless track-and-trace:

Thanks to eLogistics, customers are able to determine the status of each of their shipments by logging in to the DACHSER shipping system.

Europe-wide presence:

A dense network of sites in 30 European countries enables efficient, timely order fulfillment and close proximity to customers.

vivengo - our standardized range of needs-based shipping services:

The vivengo product portfolio enables the European Food Network to set new standards for food logistics across Europe. It ensures fast and predictable transit times, provides a high level of service, and allows customers to precisely time deliveries using the Product Pilot tool.

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Partner Network

Our partner companies offer you a flexible, customer-oriented range of food logistics services that transcend the national boundaries of over 34 countries.