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Stronger air freight market causes early capacity bottlenecks

Due to the consistently strong air freight market and expected strong business in the fall, early capacity bottlenecks are predicted for 2017.
Capacities on the transatlantic route are already being heavily utilized

Whereas an earlier peak season is expected for shipments from Europe to Asia (and vice-versa), capacities on the transatlantic route are already being heavily utilized.
A variety of reasons are causing a shortage of freight capacity.

Air freight companies have reduced overcapacity in the past and at the same time, air freight volumes are increasing due to a lack of sea freight capacity. In addition, existing bookings are being canceled by air freight companies. Processing bottlenecks at airlines and trading partners could further increase shipment times. For this reason, it is recommended that air freight shipments be booked as soon as possible, so that they can be dispatched as planned.

For weeks, the experts at the DACHSER air freight organization have been working on various measures for the fall peak season (for example, having DACHSER charter its own flights, shifting goods flows to smaller airports, and increasing standing capacities at strategic airline partners). These preparations make it possible for DACHSER to continue to fulfill our customers’ quality demands to their complete satisfaction, despite the expected growth.

Your local DACHSER team will be pleased to accept your shipment orders and can support you in planning your air freight shipments.

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