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We set new standards of intelligence in food logistics. We provide our customers operating in the various food industries with the best possible solutions to meet their complex logistical requirements.
vivengo: the product portfolio from DACHSER

Our vivengo product portfolio meets the increasing demands of our food-industry customers by providing them with reliable and efficient shipping logistics services. After all, at DACHSER, we think and act as a business serving other businesses. For every logistics challenge, we therefore design the optimum solution from the customer’s perspective. 

Transparency – right through the entire supply chain. As a useful additional service, every vivengo product line includes detailed status reports for each shipment as well as proof of delivery documents that are stored in a digital archive.

vengospeed: Defined transit times

The key performance commitment of the vengospeed product line is reliably accurate transit times. Transit times are calculated based on the distance between the departure branch office and the destination branch office. The transit time for shipments within Germany is normally one day. When customers require even faster delivery, we offer them the following product-line alternatives:

  • vengospeed 11: Delivery by 11:00 AM the next day (within vengospeed transit times) 
  • vengospeed plus: For very specific customer requirements such as special deliveries, deliveries on weekends or public holidays (subject to prior consultation with the respective branch office)

vengofix: Just-in-time delivery

More and more food-industry businesses expect just-in-time delivery. It is the only means by which they can accurately plan when ordered goods will arrive while also ensuring required storage capacities when they do. vengofix is therefore the ideal service for every business that needs its shipments to arrive on fixed delivery days, and to be delivered to specific recipients. This service is now available in all countries serviced by the European Food Network.

vengoflex: When delivery times are more flexible

The vengoflex solution offers reliable, comprehensive, high-quality shipping services within a defined time period at particularly attractive rates. vengoflex is now available in all countries serviced by the European Food Network.

vivengo is offered in these countries

This map indicates the availability of each of our vivengo shipping products across Europe:

weekend service

Freshness and flexibility are the guiding principles of our new weekend service. DACHSER picks the goods up from your site on Saturday or you deliver them yourself to our European hub. We take care of nationwide delivery for you – and for destinations in Germany we can deliver by 11 a.m. or keep temperatures at 4°C or lower upon request. We are also offering our weekend service with Monday delivery for export shipments to several European countries right from the beginning of the service. Now you can flexibly respond to last minute orders, increase your chances for market access and even improve your international position in the market.

  • weekend service: We pick it up or you bring it to our hub, we deliver it on Monday
  • weekend service 11: Optional delivery in Germany by 11 a.m. on Monday

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