Bernhard Simon

In his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bernhard Simon is responsible for corporate strategy, PR, marketing, research & development, industry solutions, corporate key accounting and human resources. He is a third-generation family member running the company founded by his grandfather Thomas Dachser in 1930, managing by consensus with fellow executive board members Michael Schilling (COO Road Logistics and deputy spokesman), Burkhard Eling (CFO) and Edoardo Podestà (COO Air & Sea Logistics). In this role, he combines entrepreneurial professionalism with a values-based management style focused on long-term objectives, and this has defined DACHSER as one of the key pioneers in the development of the logistics industry.

Bernhard Simon
Bernhard Simon

Education and background

After finishing his “Abitur” (advanced high school diploma) and training as a forwarding specialist at DACHSER, Bernhard Simon studied business administration at the Friedrich Alexander University in Nuremberg. After completing his studies, he got his first taste of working overseas, participating in a development aid project in Brazil, where he gained valuable experience in managing heterogeneous international teams. On his return, Mr. Simon assumed different management positions in all functional areas of the company, where he made a significant contribution to company growth.

European network expansion and international growth

In the following years, Bernhard Simon was the driving force behind the optimization of the company's European network with a business re-engineering initiative, the reformulation of DACHSER's long-term strategy and the expansion of both the European sales organization and global Key Accounting.

In 1999, under the guidance and close involvement of Bernhard Simon, DACHSER took the decisive step in its development towards becoming a multinational company with the acquisition of Graveleau in France, in what was the most significant company transaction to date. In that same year, Bernhard Simon was appointed to the Management Board. In 2005, he was named spokesman for the company's highest executive body. Under his leadership, DACHSER's international network has expanded to a total of 44 subsidiaries to date, in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Professional governance

A further major achievement during his tenure has been the implementation of a modern governance structure in collaboration with the Supervisory Board, the shareholders and his management colleagues, for which he was awarded the “family entrepreneur of the year” prize in 2008 by the INTES Academy for Family-owned Enterprises and Impulse business magazine.

Conversion to the SE legal form

In 2014, DACHSER was converted into a European Company (SE). As CEO, Bernhard Simon is responsible for shaping the overall strategic objectives of the company and represents Executive Board matters to the outside. He is the link to the shareholders and the Supervisory Board, as well as the national organizations and subsidiaries. In this role, Bernhard Simon is the face of the company, both to the inside and out.