Edoardo Podestà - COO Air & Sea Logistics

As Chief Operations Officer Air & Sea Logistics (COO Air & Sea Logistics), Edoardo Podestà has been at the helm of the global air and sea freight business for DACHSER since October 2019. Sharing the company’s mission to maintain DACHSER as the world’s most integrated logistics provider, he has taken on the responsibility for expanding the Air & Sea Logistics network, and further integrating it with DACHSER Road Logistics. Podestà is also the Managing Director of the company’s Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific business unit.

Edoardo Podestà
Edoardo Podestà

Originally from Italy, the Podestà family had long ties with shipping. Edoardo Podestà  began his career at Contship in Spain in 1987. He moved to Asia in the 1990s and has since held a variety of positions in different locations across Asia Pacific.

Podestà joined DACHSER in 2003 as part of the management team for Züst Ambrosetti Far East Ltd., a joint venture which DACHSER later took full control of. He has steered the company growth in the Far East before extending his scope of responsibility to the Asia Pacific region in 2014, when he was appointed Managing Director of the Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific Business Unit.

Under his leadership, the 12 Asia Pacific Business Areas successfully rolled out the Global System Integration despite many challenges. The transformation was a worthy investment for the Business Unit to move forward and become a process-driven network organization based on clear standards.

Leading the entire Air & Sea Logistics development

In recognition of his contributions to and expansion of the air and sea freight business, Podestà was appointed COO of Air & Sea Logistics in October 2019. He heads the Executive Unit Air & Sea Logistics, which is DACHSER’s second operating Business Field alongside Road Logistics.

Leveraging his strong leadership skills with his profound knowledge of the Asian and global markets, he strives to develop the business field with clearly defined structures and innovative services while pursuing a sustainable growth strategy.