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DACHSER Czech Republic starts using longer trucks

In the Czech Republic, DACHSER has recently started circulating two longer trucks on its daily route between its branches in Ostrava and Brno. This will increase capacity on the route while at the same time freeing up one conventional vehicle.

The longer truck deployed at DACHSER Czech Republic offers room for 104 pallets in two semi-trailers.

Taking this step became possible with the Czech government’s recent decision to allow longer truck combinations, and so transportation companies can now apply for permits for certain routes. Trailer-trucks in the Czech Republic are limited to a maximum length of 25.25 meters and a maximum weight of 48 metric tons. In addition, routes have to meet certain requirements to receive approval: they must consist mainly of highways, cannot cross railroad tracks, and the distance between the loading/unloading points and access to the nearest highway cannot exceed ten kilometers. The almost 170-kilometer stretch between Ostrava and Brno meets these requirements perfectly and helps DACHSER further optimize its transport network in the Czech Republic. A longer truck offers room for 104 pallets in two semi-trailers. Deploying the two trucks will increase capacity on the route by 40 percent, and only the two longer trucks will be used every day instead of three conventional ones.

Limited by regulations

DACHSER uses longer trucks in other European countries as well, such as Germany, Sweden, and Spain. Currently, their deployment is limited by regulations that vary from country to country and also do not provide for use across national borders.

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