Michael Schilling

Michael Schilling is responsible for the business operations of the Executive Unit Road Logistics, which comprises the DACHSER European Logistics und DACHSER Food Logistics business divisions. This means the Chief Operations Officer Road Logistics (COO Road Logistics), who as Deputy Chairman also represents the company as a whole, oversees one of the largest and most efficient transportation networks in Europe – comprising the distribution and procurement logistics sectors and DACHSER Contract Logistics. His job requires the development of fast, flexible connections and warehouse locations to ensure a comprehensive service for the markets in Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Michael Schilling
Michael Schilling

Michael Schilling joined DACHSER in 1989. Assigned to the newly established “Internal Logistics” department, he was given responsibility for redesigning process management at DACHSER to improve efficiency. He gained further experience in business operations starting in the Saarbrücken branch in 1990, before he was transferred two years later to the Frankfurt branch, which he successfully managed from 1993.

In 1996, Michael Schilling returned to the head office, where his primary focus was the expansion of the network infrastructure. In 2002 he was appointed Managing Director of the “Euronational forwarding organization and infrastructure” department, which has expanded and managed DACHSER's entire European network since then.

Management of company-wide Contract Logistics and Information Technology

Since January 2005, Michael Schilling has also been responsible for the Corporate Unit DACHSER Contract Logistics, which consolidates the global logistics chain with efficient warehousing, industry specific value-added services and individual consulting. In 2007, he also assumed responsibility for the Corporate Unit IT. Since then, under his leadership, employees at the head office in Kempten have been developing in-house company IT systems used to manage the global IT infrastructure and the systems and data flows that link all the company divisions.

When DACHSER amended its legal status to a Societas Europaea (SE) in 2015, Michael Schilling was appointed Executive Board member for the Executive Unit Road Logistics.