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BiDEA, the software used by DACHSER Spain and DACHSER Portugal, allows a complete management of all freight processes.
BiDEA is utilized for the complete management of all freight .

Created internally, this software is serving both our internal needs and the needs of our customers. Over the years, the business has evolved and so have our systems. We are always working to update and optimize our transport processes, as well as we look for implementing the utmost technologies and solutions, such as fleet management via mobile devices for over 2,000 collection and delivery vehicles in Iberia or the use of almost 1000 trucks for our FTL business within Cargoplus division on European level.

BiDEA is used in all DACHSER Iberia branches. It is a centralized application which allows a global and unique visibility over any event that occurs within the transport network. BiDEA also provides full traceability to the highest level of detail, which allows us to reduce to minimum levels the network incidents.

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