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There is no room for error in logistics for the chemistry sector. The division DACHSER Chem-Logistics has dedicated itself completely to the logistics requirements of this sector.
The chemical industry has its own high requirements for logistics and transport.

Since chemical products are at the beginning of the value chain for many products in different industries, the demand is correspondingly high - and so are the transportation volumes on roads, in ship containers or onboard aircraft. This also includes professional handling of dangerous goods. Logistics professionals must ensure the safety of people, the environment and material goods with comprehensive protective measures throughout all transport phases of dangerous goods. That means: In addition to sound know-how, excellent knowledge of the industry is required for the transport and storage of chemical goods.

Benefit from the best solution

Our products and services combine standardized logistics solutions with individual chemical logistics know-how throughout the entire supply chain. The entargo product family offers the optimum transportation solution for destinations in a number of European countries. Consistent standards with regard to transportation and quality create trust and safety in all cases. Due to these high standards, DACHSER is a cooperation partner of the Association of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI).

Our expertise deserves your trust

DACHSER Chem-Logistics presents itself as a reliable logistics partner for companies in the chemical industry. Logistics experts specially trained in the handling of chemical goods organize the worldwide transport of special products for you. In doing so, they have access to the worldwide DACHSER network under the umbrella of the business divisions DACHSER European Logistics and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics.

The innovative DACHSER IT system ensures quick and safe handling and management of orders in all locations. In addition, access to all transport data throughout the entire supply chain provides the customer with the highest level of safety even for the transport of chemical products.

Likewise, our industry-specific consulting services are available. Our industry specialists have developed intelligent transportation concepts as well as warehouse solutions for our customers in the chemical industry with access to all relevant worldwide sales- and procurement markets. To provide sustainable optimization for your logistics balance sheet, we offer a long-term outsourcing model for higher logistics efficiency throughout all levels of the value chain in the context of DACHSER Contract Logistics.

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Track & Trace

Benefit from the best solution

Safety is the highest priority for DACHSER Chem-Logistics. The transportation of dangerous goods is governed by stringent legal requirements and regulations.
DACHSER has created comprehensive quality management for the transport and storage of chemical products that far exceeds the regulatory provisions.

SQAS in Iberia

SQAS system was conceived to meet the request of several chemical companies, - unified under the european organization Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council)-, for evaluating the quality and safety of its logistics suppliers. As such, SQAS recognizes suppliers who go beyond conventional quality standards.

In 2016, our Barcelona North branch obtained its SQAS assessment. This recognizes our commitment with the chemical industry, through our DACHSER Chem-Logistics solution, aimed at chemical manufacturers and distributors looking for a reliable European logistics partner.

In the upcoming months, other branches within the DACHSER Iberia network are expected to join this assessment process, considered a key element of competitive distinction.

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In DACHSER Iberia we are aware of the environment, and are committed to comply with the environmental legislation applicable in each territory.