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DACHSER receives recognition as "Honorary Member" by the Food Bank of Burgos

More than 20 years of collaboration between our company and the Food Bank of Burgos were celebrated last Friday at the headquarters of the non-profit organization.
DACHSER receives recognition by the Food Bank of Burgos

In the event, Víctor Portal, Branch Manager Burgos, received from the President of the Bank, Julián Martínez, a diploma that named DACHSER as "Member of Honor" of the entity, in gratitude for the daily commitment of the branch during this time.

Julián Martínez has highlighted in the act the richness of the agri-food industry in the region. This has meant that the Food Bank of Burgos is one of the banks that sends the most shipments to others in Spain. "In these 22 years of selfless cooperation from DACHSER, and through its network in the country and the logistical support of its professionals, more than 5 million kilos of food have been transported." Víctor Portal enhanced the work of this association and the close relationship maintained in all those years, which has allowed the company "to contribute to society with what we do best, with our logistic activity and daily transport”.

The DACHSER recognition event was attended by some of the main representatives of the economy of Burgos, the different associations and social organizations that benefit from the Food Bank and city authorities - such as the Subdelegate of the Government in the city, the Deputy Mayor of the City Council or the Territorial Secretary of the Junta de Castilla y León. This gratitude joins others received by other local banks in recent years and the 2015 Fidelity Award, awarded by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks to DACHSER Spain for uninterrupted collaboration at the national level.

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