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At DACHSER, we have many years of experience on the Iberian market and, over the time, we have improved the solutions we offer to our customers, combining parcels and pallet handling. For each of our customer’s specific needs, we have the right solution.
Specialists in Iberia.

We are therefore able to achieve the best possible process mastery in our daily business and can thrill customers throughout the Iberian Peninsula with a superior overall operational solution.

Date Definite and Time definite - You can choose between our service:

Service Express

Service Express is a basic service of industrial and commercial shipping in the Iberian Peninsula and its isles. The terms of delivery are 24/48 hours, except from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Madeira and the Azores, where it depends on the customers’ clearance management.

As added values, this service offers information about the shipment in real time, with the reliability and commitment of our company. An express distribution parcel and pallet service that gives the efficiency any customer needs for deliveries in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe.

Service Fix

With this advanced service, the goods are delivered on a predefined fixed date, which is set by the customer when placing the order. The shipment is managed in 24/48 hours or on a fixed day, depending on the customer’s needs.

Planning deliveries on a fixed date means our customers’ productivity increases, and they can rely on us anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula. We also provide storage when necessary and ensure on-time delivery, all based on and supported by the latest technology. Service Fix is mainly chosen by large companies that need to anticipate goods delivery somewhere in their supply chain.

Azkar Service Night

Personalized service, with a fixed time of delivery, in which the goods are left in the store before opening to the public, when access is provided. Total coverage in Spain and Portugal, with the same delivery times as Azkar Express Service.

Azkar Night Service offers distribution with a total control of the goods, without any downtime, during the night and without the presence of the consignee. For more security, we control all accesses and carefully supervise all deliveries. It is the best solution for retail chains with high product rotation, as well as for deliveries in areas with restricted access, such as pedestrian streets and city centers.

Service 10

Urgent service that enables delivery before 10:00 a.m. The coverage of Service 10 depends of the origin of the shipment. This service offers high reliability and security in deliveries, as the goods are given to the store’s staff before opening time and without downtimes. It is a perfect option for large shopping centers or restricted areas.

Service 13

This very specific service allows the consignee to receive the goods before 1:00 p.m. Service 13 offers an effective delivery to customers whose stores are closed in the afternoon, especially public organizations and hospitals.

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Our mission in DACHSER Iberia is to offer the most efficient pan-European logistics solutions, hence providing unique and value-added services to our customers. Thanks to a qualified and committed team, an extensive distribution and logistics network, a constant improvement system and a strong financial backbone, we are leaders in quality and efficiency in the Iberia region.

All our transport and logistics branches are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and have a Quality Management System that guarantees compliance, according to the specifications, instructions, codes and requirements enclosed in this regulation. View quality certifications

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