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Juan Quintana in the Canal Innova forum: “To lead others, first you have to lead yourself”

The link between innovation and talent has been the lead topic of the day held on 7th November by the Canal Innova platform in Valladolid, which brought together leaders from different companies discussing on the culture of continuous improvement, the development of innovation processes and creativity .
Juan Quintana in the Canal Innova forum

Juan Quintana, Managing Director EL Iberia at DACHSER, has been one of the protagonists of this edition, as a participant in the panel of experts "Excellence and Innovation for the improvement of Productivity". In his case, he stressed that it is essential "to know each other well as a basis to be a good leader. To lead others, first you have to lead yourself ". He has identified four levers for innovation in the management of emotional intelligence:" critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity." Together with him, representatives of L'Oreal, Telefónica and Grupo Norte shared with the attendees how the investment in training and the adaptation to a changing future, provides benefit to the client, who is the central point of the business .

The forum also featured HR management success stories by Fremap, Oion and Aciturri, as well as a keynote address on the relevance of ethics in the application of Artificial Intelligence by Ana Alonso , Director of Strategic Accounts for Europe at Microsoft.

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