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SISLOG is the warehouse management software used in Spain and Portugal. It supports and manages all processes in the warehouse centers. This application first started as a sales tool and was then developed by an internal team. This internal dedication allowed us to fully customize our solutions according to the needs of our customers.
SISLOG: warehouse management software.

SISLOG is a centralized application that serves more than 20 DACHSER logistics warehouses in the Iberian Peninsula. It is complemented with radio frequency solutions in order to optimize and generate high quality in all our operations. We have developed several algorithms according to the needs of our customers in order to meet the demand and diversity of orders’ preparation, considering multiple criteria each applied to each customer in a personalized way.

SISLOG is integrated with many different warehousing automated solutions, with high technology applied to warehouse management and order preparation. The human voice can also be used to communicate with DACHSER systems; the Pick-by-Voice technology leaves employees’ hands free to perform order picking tasks. This leads to faster throughput times and ergonomically optimized workflows.

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