Professional drivers complete training

At the start of their training, 106 young adults chose to become professional truck drivers, including twelve women. This summer, 22 drivers successfully completed their training. They are the first training class from the DACHSER subsidiary DACHSER Service und Ausbildungs GmbH, which works with independent carriers to focus on the training and continued education of drivers. “DACHSER is doing its part to develop the drivers of tomorrow by working closely with our carriers,” says Simon.

In the meantime, the DACHSER Education Program has also flourished. One byproduct is that DACHSER has been able to export the dual-track training program to other European countries. The education program offers a practical, logistics apprenticeship in the European branches of the logistics company. The program uses job rotation to impart knowledge about freight forwarding. The contents are based on DACHSER’s own version of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce training. The trainees acquire their skills in realistic conditions thanks to trained instructors and on-the-job guidance. At the moment, 35 up-and-coming DACHSER forwarding and logistics specialists are completing the program in the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.