Safety has top priority

DACHSER is highly experienced in dealing with hazardous materials and serves as a reliable partner to the chemical industry, which demands the highest safety standards. The new hazardous materials facility will be divided into nine sections separated by firewalls. Each section will have an automatic fire extinguishing system with ceiling sprinklers, featuring shelf sprinkler systems as well. A number of sections will also have a gas warning system as well as a fire extinguishing system with foam additives. Moreover, the reinforced concrete facility floor will feature special sealing sheets and will be built lower to retain fire-fighting water. Meanwhile, barriers at the wastewater inflows offer increased groundwater protection.

DACHSER has been a cooperation partner of German chemical industry association (Verband der Chemischen Industrie VCI) since 2009; when transporting and storing chemical products, it applies safety and quality standards that go beyond legal requirements. For instance, the company has a central dangerous goods management team and 197 regional dangerous goods safety officers. In addition, the logistics provider offers an industry solution tailored to the particular needs of the chemical industry: DACHSER Chem-Logistics.