Electronic data exchange needs secure IT processes

Customer data in safe hands: that is the motivation behind ISO 27001 certification for DACHSER’s central IT system. Indeed, electronic data exchange has clearly picked up pace over the last few years—and inherently, the demands on IT security as well. Today, 80 percent of all orders at DACHSER are already processed electronically; more than 13,000 customers have linked their systems to the DACHSER EDI Center, and more than 16,000 use the eLogistics tools.
“These companies know that their own global supply chains depend on the constant availability of their logistics supplier's systems, and therefore insist on commensurate security infrastructure in tenders and audits,” von Rützen clarifies. “Considering this environment, we are in a superb position for the complete ISO 27001 certification of our central IT system.”
DACHSER had its Corporate IT certified according to ISO 27001 in December 2011—one of the first logistics providers to do so. In the process, a host of aspects of information security were examined, such as the protection from cyber attacks, security of Internet applications, IT risk management, fail-safe performance, emergency planning, and confidentiality regulations. For annual audits, advancements and improvements based on preceding audits are integrated into the evaluation.