Organizational and management structure: Customer proximity and decentralized decision-making process

Within DACHSER Group SE & Co. KG, the Executive Board and the corporate positions reporting to it will carry out central management and control functions at the global group-wide level. The Executive Board includes Bernhard Simon (CEO), Michael Schilling (COO Road Logistics), who also serves as deputy head of the Executive Board, Thomas Reuter (COO Air & Sea Logistics), and Burkhard Eling (CFO).

Eight operating divisions, which are led by Managing Directors, will function at the level below the Board within DACHSER SE. Aside from DACHSER Food Logistics, which Alfred Miller will continue to manage, these units are divided up by region: Germany, North Central Europe, France & Maghreb, and Iberia in the Road Logistics business field, and EMEA, Americas, and Asia Pacific in the Air & Sea Logistics business field. "The eight operating divisions will reinforce our decentralized business strategy, giving us the ability to be even quicker and more flexible in our decision-making. And once again this will bring us closer to our customers," said Simon.