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Giving you competence: DACHSER Academy

Intelligent logistics based on the interests and needs of customers requires comprehensive expertise of strategy and solutions from all DACHSER employees. The DACHSER Academy pools and conveys logistics know-how in all areas. It focuses on professional, global knowledge management that integrates the strengths, wealth of ideas and innovative capacity of our employees. That is the primary task of the DACHSER Academy.
Every year, more than 4,000 DACHSER employees participate in more than 400 training modules and seminars.

The DACHSER Academy educational centre with the adjoining logistics laboratory was founded in 2009 and is located on the premises of the DACHSER branch in Cologne. The educational centre is closely linked to real-time logistics events and processes. Course participants are taught "real life logistics" in seven ultra-modern "state-of-the-art" training rooms that span an area of more than 891 m². The direct access to all real-time and training systems allows the more than 100 advisers from the entire DACHSER organisation to convey all logistics processes and products in a practically relevant and understandable manner. In addition, the DACHSER Academy offers certificate courses, operation of the DACHSER IT systems, as well as special sessions by external specialists and trainers.

Advantage through competence: DACHSER Academy

Every year, more than 4,000 DACHSER employees take the opportunity to perfect their skills and abilities regarding solution-oriented handling of customers' logistics requirements by attending a training session in Cologne. This network allows us to be a role model as a learning organisation.

The training programme is accompanied by e-learning tools which enable our employees to transfer their practical knowledge to their colleagues worldwide regardless of location. In a process known as "blended learning", DACHSER combines the benefits of in-person and online exchange of knowledge. Our employees learn together in international teams. These forums also provide an opportunity for the mutual exchange of what employees must know to be successful in the workplace and at the same time, build relationships.

Knowledge safeguards the future

Whether for current responsibilities or future demands: The DACHSER Academy's comprehensive training programme prepares our employees in a systematic and targeted manner in the areas of advanced training, employee promotion and vocational education. In addition to specialised professional knowledge, personal skills with topics such as employee management, rhetoric, conducting negotiations, project management and IT applications right through to intercultural training are included in the educational prospectus.

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