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DACHSER invests in its overland network

DACHSER is currently creating new capacity for its overland network at several German locations. In the north, the Bremen and Hamburg locations are being expanded. Building is also under way in Alsdorf near Aachen and Dissen near Bielefeld. In total, DACHSER is investing some EUR 60 million at the four locations, creating nearly 35,000 square meters of additional warehouse and office space.
DACHSER invests in its overland network

“By continuously expanding and modernizing our locations, we are ensuring that DACHSER’s overland network offers consistently high quality,” says Michael Schilling, Chief Operations Officer (COO) Road Logistics at DACHSER.

More capacity in northern Germany

Employees were able to move into the new buildings at DACHSER’s Bremen location at the beginning of March. DACHSER invested almost EUR 20 million in the transit terminal south of the Weser, creating 8,800 square meters of warehouse space and 102 docks for the Bremen logistics center. A further 2,500 square meters are reserved for offices.

A new transit terminal is also being built on the premises of the DACHSER Food Logistics branch in Hamburg. With 6,800 square meters of total area, the facilities will be operationally and physically separate and will be used to handle food items as well as industrial goods from the neighboring DACHSER European Logistics branch. Another 1,200 square meters of office space is being built as well. The work, which represents an investment of some EUR 15 million, is scheduled to be completed in August.

Investments for DACHSER Food Logistics

DACHSER is expanding its Alsdorf location at a separate facility located within the border triangle between Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The new temperature-controlled Food Logistics transit terminal and contract logistics warehouse will add 6,800 square meters, 2,500 of which will be reserved for a food warehouse. DACHSER has been operating in Alsdorf since 1985 and is now investing EUR 12.5 million in new buildings for the location, which is scheduled to begin operations in July. At the same time, another EUR 3.5 million will be used to extensively renovate the existing facility.

DACHSER is also building additional facilities for Food Logistics in Dissen, Lower Saxony. The branch office’s transit terminal will be expanded by 4,430 square meters, plus an additional 1,370 square meters of office space. Existing buildings will also be renovated. Construction work in Dissen is scheduled for completion by July. DACHSER established the Dissen branch office in 2005; since then it has steadily invested in the location. The current construction and renovation activities account for some EUR 8.5 million.

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