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DACHSER magazine wins the Gold Fox Award

The company magazine published by the global logistics provider DACHSER wins the gold award for the industry sector “Transport/Logistics.” The jury of the efficiency award in corporate publishing pays tribute to the magazine’s editorial concept, linguistic craftsmanship, and the opportunities for additional information that it provides.
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DACHSER magazine wins the Gold Fox Award

According to the jury, logistics is characterized by very technical and economics-/business-related aspects on one hand, but on the other customer and employee relationships based on trust are necessary for its operational business activities. There are only a few industries where responsibility and customer contacts are as widely delegated as in the transport sector. “The magazine combines these two different levels,” the jury states in its explanation for choosing to bestow the Fox Award on the DACHSER magazine.

“The appeal of our corporate magazine to different target groups is the result of that special integrative understanding of networks and networking that has made DACHSER one of the leading logistics companies worldwide,” says Dr. Andreas Froschmayer, Corporate Director Corporate Development, Strategy & PR at DACHSER. “We are delighted that the jurors also found this approach persuasive.”

The DACHSER magazine is published four times a year in German, English, French, and Spanish and provides information about current developments and trends in the logistics industry. Its 55-year history makes it one of the oldest continuously published corporate publications in Germany. Its factually accurate background articles on transport and logistics are accompanied by a mix of other journalistic formats on science, culture, and business and industry. The publication’s target groups include customers, employees, and other interested readers all over the world.

The Fox Award was presented for the first time in 2011 and is the first efficiency award in corporate publishing. Jurors from the sciences and the media evaluate corporate media (both internal and external communications) with regard to quality, dialogue skills, sales quality, and brand conformity. The gold award honors “a media concept that demonstrates above average efficiency performance according to all criteria and that can therefore be viewed as an inspiring role model,” said the event organizers. Well-known companies and agencies submitted a total of 422 articles this year.

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