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DACHSER now sole shareholder in South Korea

DACHSER is now doing business in South Korea as DACHSER Korea Inc., effective July 1st. The global logistics provider has maintained a presence in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) since 2006 as MGI & DACHSER Inc. This past December, DACHSER acquired the remaining 50% of the joint venture. Together with the renaming of the company, DACHSER also moved into new offices in Seoul.
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DACHSER now sole shareholder in South Korea

The head office of the company organization is located in the nation’s capital, Seoul. Another office is located in Busan, where DACHSER conducts its sea freight business. DACHSER also operates a warehouse for air freight handling at the airport in Incheon, South Korea’s most important hub. A specialized team is also at the ready there to take on the physical handling of air freight. In addition, the logistics provider offers professional loading services specifically for air freight pallets (consolidation) at the DACHSER warehouse facility on the airport grounds. “Its high-powered economy and its tremendous technological capabilities make this nation of 50 million inhabitants one of Germany’s most important economic partners in East Asia,” says Thomas Reuter, COO DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics.

The new Board consists of Roman Müller, Managing Director DACHSER Korea. “We plan to pursue the targeted expansion of our activities in the Korean market and to exploit the close logistical connection to Greater China, the USA, and Europe for our customers,” explains Roman Müller, emphasizing the significance of South Korea as an economic hub.

Since founding the joint venture in 2006, the Company has established itself in the Korean market and represents the DACHSER network in South Korea. In the future, particular focus will also be placed on expanding sea freight activities at the Busan location.

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