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DACHSER strengthens presence in sweden

International logistics provider DACHSER begins using a new logistics facility in Gothenburg starting 2014.
Warehouse outside
DACHSER strengthens presence in Sweden

The new terminal, with convenient access to the E6 and E20 freeways, is gradually rising on a 31,000-square-metre site amid the cityscape of Sweden’s second largest city. Upon completion, DACHSER will have 850 square metres of new office space at its disposal as well as a 1,750-square-metre, 15-gate transit terminal.
The construction work commenced in September 2013. Operations are scheduled for launch in mid-2014.
“We continue to move ahead with the expansion of our Europe-wide logistics network and have established the highest standards for this purpose. Now we have room for further growth in Gothenburg,” says Michael Schilling, managing director of DACHSER’s European Network Management & Logistic Systems. The existing branch office had reached the limits of its capacity for expansion. Mats Larsson, head of DACHSER’s Gothenburg branch, adds: “As a reliable partner to the regional economy, we will soon be able to provide our customers with the quality they rely on, combined with a new ultramodern, state-of-the-art facility.”
The owner of the new facility is Galliker Logistic AB, Sweden, which plans to use portions of the facility separately from DACHSER. DACHSER is the tenant, and its construction department, which operates throughout Europe, designed the facility based on the requirements of both companies.

International logistics provider DACHSER has operated in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden since 2005 through its eight branch offices and 365 employees there, of which 113 are based in Sweden.

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