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DACHSER welcomes 558 future logisticians

As the new training year begins, 530 trainees begin their professional training at DACHSER in Germany. The logistics provider is also welcoming 28 students who are taking advantage of the dual educational system to prepare for their career. The family company is currently training 1,341 logisticians at 78 locations throughout Germany.
DACHSER welcomes 558 future logisticians

Logistics is a people business—how logistics performs always depends on the performance of the people who provide it. That is why training has an especially high priority at DACHSER. In Germany, the vocational training rate has been constant at ten percent for years. Throughout Germany, the family-owned company from Kempten in the Allgäu region is preparing its trainees for a career in logistics in seven vocational professions. It offers training in business, IT, technical, and industrial professions. “The combination of theory and practice prepares our trainees and students for a demanding career in logistics,” says Martina Szautner, Corporate Director Corporate Human Resources. “We need people, who in addition to their professional qualifications, thrive within a team and develop their profile. Looking beyond the horizon of their own responsibilities is an absolute necessity for a position in a company that operates internationally.”

Martina Szautner is also very pleased about the 58 professional drivers who are now beginning their training at DACHSER. Last year, there were 45. “Our commitment to training professional drivers through DACHSER Service und Ausbildungs GmbH is being well received,” says the head of HR. In September, DACHSER Service und Ausbildungs GmbH is starting five continuing education modules as well as basic and partial qualifications in collaboration with DEKRA.

The logistics provider is also training future logisticians outside of Germany through the DACHSER Education Program along the lines of the dual education system. The company is training 58 trainees as DACHSER forwarding and logistics specialists in Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Poland, and Hungary.

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