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Transport with uninterrupted flow

Domino, the software developed by DACHSER, is utilised for the complete management of all freight processes.
Domino is utilised for the complete management of all freight processes.

Ranging from scheduling, automatic shipment control throughout  Europe and complete order management to tracking and invoice processing all the way to the administration of packing material. In 1993, DACHSER began using standardised NVE/SSCC barcodes in the logistics industry for the first time. Since then, all packages have been labelled, allowing them to be clearly identified worldwide. Systematic scanning at the interfaces ensures that DACHSER’s core systems always provide up-to-date information on the shipping process.

There is no waiting for the next software version with DACHSER’s software applications: The systems we have developed in-house are updated each week, ensuring that their status is always current at every location.

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Always informed
ActiveReport is DACHSER'S supply chain event management tool. Closely linked with the DOMINO transport system , it monitors all shipments throughout the entire supply chain. The system monitors the progress independently and automatically notifies the parties involved as soon as deviations from the defined target process occur; e.g. in the event of refusal, shortages or exceeded transit times.

The benefit lies in faster reaction times. You or the employees in the DACHSER service team are always immediately aware of irregularities and can promptly implement the appropriate measures.