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When Thomas Dachser founded his transport company in Kempten in 1930, he laid the foundation for a huge success story. On one hand, it portrays the changing world affairs of the past 80 years. On the other hand, it also represents the dynamic changes of the logistics industry in the age of globalisation and rapid technological progress.

2000–today: Global logistics networks for supply chains
DACHSER acquires the Spanish logistics services provider Azkar. With Azkar, the family-owned company now strengthens its network on the Iberian peninsula.

In addition, the Spanish air and sea freight company Transunion S.A. is acquired. As well as the offices in Spain, the company is also represented in Turkey, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

The European network of DACHSER is expanded by the acquisition of the logistics company J A Leach Transport Ltd. in Rochdale, Great Britain; simultaneously, air and sea freight activities begin in Poland.
DACHSER expands its intercontinental network in Bangladesh and Thailand, and fully acquires the country organisation in China.
The company opens the market in India with the joint venture AFL DACHSER.
DACHSER establishes numerous new Air & Sea freight locations for international transport in China, Hungary, Mexico and the USA. In addition, the joint venture "Logimasters & DACHSER" is established in Brazil and the presence in the Czech Republic is strengthened with the acquisition of the logistics company E.S.T.
DACHSER expands its network in northern Europe through the acquisition of the Haugstedt-Group.
1990–1999: Logistics optimise process chains
DACHSER develops its network in the Eastern European states. By purchasing the logistics company GRAVELEAU (1999), DACHSER gains access to the strategically important markets in western Europe and North Africa.
DACHSER takes on comprehensive service of the new federal states. As the initiator of barcode standardisation in the logistics industry in the form of the global identification system EAN/NVE, the company once again proved to be a pioneer and innovator in the logistics industry.
1972–1989: Logistics take on cross-section of functions
DACHSER Food-Logistics is started. The refrigerated goods service for the transport of temperature-sensitive foods is based on a separate production system.
DACHSER begins the setup and development of its own IT applications by including modern communication technologies. One year later, DACHSER is appointed the first German exclusive member of WACO's (World Air Cargo Organization) worldwide network.
Company founder Thomas Dachser dies. His daughters, Dr. Christa Rohde-Dachser and Annemarie Simon, take over their father's shares in the company, preserving the continuity of the family-owned business.
1951–1971: Classic freight forwarding
DACHSER converts its entire vehicle fleet to swap bodies and thus establishes itself as the industry's trend-setting leader in innovation.
Thomas Dachser, as the first freight forwarder, opens an air freight office at the Munich airport. In 1967, DACHSER introduces "transport with guaranteed deadlines" as first product of transport logistics.
1939–1950: The war and post-war years
In 1949, “Thomas DACHSER Spedition” is entered into the commercial register.
Zero hour: During the turmoil of the war, the Nazi regime requisitioned all of DACHSER’s vehicles and called up most of the company’s personnel. The result: The company grounds in Kempten, as well as all DACHSER branches lie idle, the company's basis of existence has been taken away. But thanks to faithful customers and old contacts, Thomas Dachser can quickly rebuild his transport company from the ground up.
1930–1938: Classic transport
DACHSER is the leading freight forwarding company in the region of Kempten.
The first branches are opened in Germany; the family-owned company expands.
Thomas Dachser establishes a haulage company in Kempten as a one-man operation.

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