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Executive Unit Air & Sea Logistics – Chief Operations Officer Jochen Müller

Jochen Müller is an expert in the global logistics business with more than 30 years of experience. He is Chief Operations Officer of Air & Sea Logistics (COO Air & Sea Logistics).
Jochen Müller
Jochen Müller

The Air & Sea Logistics (ASL) Executive Unit has a global network that enables it to serve all supply chains between the world's business metropolises. As COO, Jochen Müller is thus the strategic component and driving force behind the DACHSER Group’s efforts to further develop its global orientation.

Born in Worms, Germany, in 1964, he began his career in logistics with a studies program at Mannheim Cooperative State University. In addition to his training at Danzas, he gained 6 years of work experience at TNT Express as a customer service agent and product manager.

In 1994, Jochen Müller joined Schenker Deutschland. After holding several positions, primarily in sales in Germany, England and the United States, he was appointed as the CEO of the British subsidiary of Schenker in 2008. His area of responsibility included all its divisions: Air, Sea, Land, Trade Fairs and Special Transport.

In 2011, he was appointed to the Management Board of Schenker Deutschland AG. Here, his remit encompassed the Central Europe region with respect to airfreight, air and sea sales, as well as worldwide relocations, trade fairs and event services.

In October 2016, Jochen Müller joined the DACHSER Group. Since then, he has developed strategic projects, in particular with respect to further developing the Group’s global orientation.

Jochen Müller has been a member of the DACHSER Board of Management since January 1, 2018.

After four years with the air freight division at the Frankfurt airport, he was appointed as the manager of DACHSER's German air freight operations, which at that time had 18 locations and 170 employees. With the consolidation of air and sea freight activities in 1996, Reuter was promoted to Europe Director of all European branches. Since 2002, he has also been the managing director of Jet-Speed GmbH, a joint venture with a leading air and sea freight provider that serves routes to and from Greater China. Thomas Reuter was appointed to the DACHSER management the beginning of 2006.

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