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Quality must be quantifiable

To enable us to evaluate our logistics services in detail, we have installed a comprehensive system for quality assurance and quality management.
The prerequisite: a uniform, standardised service.

The quality of our logistics services must be measurable. Anytime. An abundance of interpretations and indicators, analyses and IT applications creates transparency. This is how our employees evaluate the delivery quality, transit times, possible damages or delivery obstacles, amongst other things, and measure them against set target values that are continuously monitored via deviation analysis.

The prerequisite for setting such quality indicators is a uniform, standardized service offering. For this reason our product families entargo and groupline represent uniform service profiles with consistently high quality standards.

To make the precisely defined service commitments made to you measurable, we implement uniform software standards and central IT databanks. The supply chain management application "ActiveReport" in particular belongs to this data-supported central quality control. It allows the service departments in our DACHSER branch offices and you to be informed about delivery obstacles in a timely manner.

Chem-Logistics for the transport of chemicals, as well as in the Food Logistics business segment for the transport of non-frozen temperature-controlled food items, we have also introduced a system of clearly defined guidelines which monitor compliance on a continuous basis.

Safely to the destination

An additional aspect of our quality assurance throughout the entire flow of goods is the precise securing of loads before the trip begins. According to industry statistics, insufficiently secured loads cause damages amounting to roughly four billion Euro per year.

Therefore, our warehouse employees and drivers make sure goods are loaded evenly, without gaps and will not slide, roll or tip over during the trip. This takes place with approximately 8,000 DACHSER trucks per day throughout Europe.

How DACHSER assures quality:

  • A variance analysis of several quality parameters based on our standardised product offers
  • The supply chain event management tool "ActiveReport" immediately notifies us of possible delivery obstacles and DACHSER employees can take the appropriate measures in a timely manner
  • The most stringent quality standards, significantly exceeding the requirements of their respective industries, apply to DACHSER Food Logistics and DACHSER Chem-Logistics
  • Precise securing of loads
  • Increased road safety through contour markings at the rear and on the sides of the trailers
  • Thorough clearance of snow from vehicles

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