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Record number of trainees and students

As the new training year begins, the logistics provider DACHSER is welcoming 589 trainees and students in Germany—a new record. They include 45 professional truck drivers. DACHSER is now training 1,378 up-and-coming logistics experts.
DACHSER's new trainees

Top quality training is the required foundation for a career in logistics— traditionally a top priority at DACHSER. At this family-owned company, the logistics experts of tomorrow will find a wide variety of responsibilities and opportunities in an international setting. “We welcome employees who are interested in other countries and cultures, who respect people and the environment, and who want to work independently, creatively, and with a sense of responsibility,” says Bernhard Simon, DACHSER’s CEO, describing the demands placed on the junior logisticians. Simon is always pleased when young people make a conscious decision to start their career at DACHSER. “Our high percentage of trainees, which averages 10% in Germany, shows that we are considered to be an attractive employer and also illustrates the importance of training at DACHSER,” adds Martina Szautner, Corporate Director Human Resources.

Seven different training tracks are available to junior staff: commercial, industrial, IT, and technical job training or dual courses of study focused on freight forwarding/transport/logistics.

An international training program, the “DACHSER Education Program,” based on Germany’s successful dual model, which the logistics provider has put in place in five European countries, is bearing fruit. In 2013, 14 trainees completed their training as DACHSER forwarding and logistics specialists in various European countries. In 2014, new logistics trainees will be starting their courses of study in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, and France. “Our human resources policy is international and is geared toward the long term with the purpose of enhancing our performance capability,” says Simon.

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