True greatness comes from each other.

We assume social responsibility

A family is a protective and economic community. It provides future generations with the responsible development of motivation, competence and capability to act. This is how we view our role as a family-owned company - even and especially as a global player.
We assume corporate responsibility via specially selected projects, even those outside our organisation.

Education and advanced training of premium quality

We create quality through qualification. Our employees are the key to the long-term success of our family-owned business. In-depth training in the varied commercial disciplines, information technology and warehousing logistics guarantee young people a successful launch into professional life LINK. The chance for a permanent placement opportunity after training with DACHSER is nearly 100%.

Systematic continuous education and advancement of our employees create the perfect foundation for promotion to responsible positions within the organisation. DACHSER Career Management and the DACHSER Academy represent a highly developed, comprehensive personnel development programme. This, broadens and updates the professional, social and leadership skills of our employees with customised, need-based seminars or individual coaching. Only a solid foundation of experience and expertise allows individuals to act confidently and think future-oriented.

Health and pension

Our healthcare programme, DACHSER Intelligent Care, combines a strong company pension plan with a comprehensive concept for intelligent, sustainable health management. Professional advice and numerous offerings on topics such as nutrition and exercise, as well as qualified support for family and psychological problems are available to our employees. With our initiative "MESSAGE!" we educate our trainees on healthcare and addiction prevention in a targeted manner.

Work Life Balance

A career is not everything. Only by combining our professional ambitions with a happy private and family life, can we meet life's numerous challenges in the long run. We offer our female employees the ability not to lose sight of their professional ambitions and talents, particularly in the decisive early years of their career, when planning a family is also considered.

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European Business School
With an endowment professorship for Sustainable Logistics & Supply Chain Management at the European Business School, DACHSER invests in sustainability research with logistics emphasis.