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VCI extends its relationship with DACHSER

The German Chemicals Industry Association (Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V., "VCI") extended its purchasing alliance with DACHSER by another two years. This successful partnership has been in existence since 2009; since then, the association’s SME members (small- to medium-sized enterprises) have been benefiting primarily from groupage logistics services that are specially tailored to the specifications of their industry and moreover cover all of Europe.
Logistics for chemical products

The collaboration between VCI and DACHSER involves European groupage shipments from Germany that weigh between 31.5 kilograms and 5.0 tons. “The hallmark of Germany’s chemicals industry is its dynamic population of small- to medium-sized companies that are increasingly finding sales and procurement markets abroad,” explains Michael Kriegel, Head of Department, DACHSER Chem-Logistics. “Thanks to our close-knit network of 256 locations in 22 European nations and decades of experience with the shipping and warehousing of chemical products, we make sure that the logistics of this internationalization process are supported smoothly and seamlessly.”

Combined industry expertise
With DACHSER Chem-Logistics, DACHSER has created a specialized logistics industry solution that is exactly tailored to the requirements of the chemicals industry. In doing so, the globally-positioned logistics provider took its standardized core services within the groupage network (shipping, warehousing, and IT) and combined them with specific service components for producers of chemical products. As the contact party for companies in the chemicals industry, branch offices can consult with an available centralized team of industry experts.

DACHSER transports over 2.8 million hazardous goods shipments each year; locations in Europe that are specially organized to handle the storage of hazardous goods play a key role in this regard. Currently, 20 branch offices in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, and Romania are evaluated based on the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) questionnaire - administered by the European Chemical Industry Council (or CEFIC) - in the transport, service, and/or warehousing modules.

DACHSER maintains a centralized Hazardous Goods Management Team, as well as a decentralized team of 150 hazardous goods officers at the branch offices, who train over 9,500 employees each year in the proper handling of chemical products. “Safety first!” is the motto at DACHSER, especially when it comes to load securing. The logistics provider collaborates with DEKRA here and regularly conducts joint seminars.

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