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Congestion surcharge at Antwerp and Rotterdam ports

Severe barge congestions happened at both Antwerp and Rotterdam ports. 

Please read more for the details and an overall sea freight market update.

Congestion surcharge at Antwerp and Rotterdam ports

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are currently heavily congested due to multiple factors, including the restructuring of shipping alliances, raising cargo volume and the usage of bigger vessels. The cyber attack earlier at the end of June worsened the situation.

The congestions cause severe barge delays. To tackle the challenge, barge operators and container carriers now implemented surcharges, effective until 31 August. The surcharge period would be extended if the situation is not improving.

Far East – Europe

The space on vessels is still tight. The situation will become even more challenging by the end of August and the beginning of September when the Golden Week (1-7 October) approaches.

Europe – Far East

As expected earlier, the availability of space is improving.

Europe – India – Europe

Space is available on both Eastbound and Westbound sailings.

Europe – South America

There is no major change in the sea freight market for this route. To the east coast, carriers deployed extra vessels to alleviate the heavy demand. The space situation is still challenging. To the west coast, space is improving but rates keep high.

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