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DACHSER Asia Pacific responds to volatile markets

DACHSER Asia Pacific had a consolidated gross revenue of €341 million euros for the Asia Pacific region in 2016. This 7.36% decrease from last year mirrors volatile markets and freight rates. The amount (357,700) of air & sea freight shipments remains stable, and the number of employees increased by 2.7% to 1,543.
DACHSER Asia Pacific responds to volatile markets

“In 2016, we focused on optimizing IT, enhancing processes and broadening our range of services to get ready for future digitalized supply chain demands,” says Edoardo Podestá, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific.

DACHSER has been implementing its own worldwide transport management system called “Othello” across the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, the growing team put its energy into extending services for existing customers.

“The launch of our North China air freight gateway and our new LCL railway service are two examples how we respond to the constantly changing markets and demands in Asia Pacific.” Podestá explained. “Even if we are not publishing figures throughout the year, I can tell that the positive development of business in the first quarter of 2017 demonstrates that our efforts paid off.”

Consolidated revenue for the DACHSER group in 2016 increased by 1.7% to €5.71 billion euros. The number of shipments rose by 2.4 % to 80.0 million and tonnage by 2.4 % to 38.2 million metric tons. Growth was driven by European overland transport as well as food logistics.

Globally, DACHSER has increased the volume of planned investments from 125 million euros in 2016 to 177 million euros in 2017. The focus of these investments is on expanding network locations, IT systems, and research and development.

“We are intensively studying all aspects of the logistics solutions of the future, and the extent to which they can be digitalized. DACHSER has launched group-wide innovation processes at numerous levels in order to maintain its pioneering role in the industry,” explains DACHSER CEO Bernhard Simon.

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